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Uttarakhand Goverment Portal, India (External Website that opens in a new window), the National Portal of India (External Website that opens in a new window)

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Battery Manufacturing Industry Oil Refinery
Bullion Refining Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction Industry
Environment Standards for Coal Mines Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
Coal Washeries Paint Industry
Coke Ovens Pesticide Industry
Diary Industry Pharmaceuticals Industry
Dye & Dye Intermediate Industry Petro-chemicals
Edible Oil & Vanaspati Industry Slaughter House, Meat & Sea Food Industry
Electroplating Industry Pulp & Paper Industry (Large)
Fermentation Industry (Distilleries, Maltries & Breweries) Pulp & Paper Industry (Small)
Fertiliser Industry Small Scale Industry
Flour Mills Sugar Industry
Food & Fruit Processing Industry Synthetic Rubber
Glass Industry Soda Ash Industry
Hospital Wastes Starch Industry
Inorganic Chemical Industry Tannery
Iron & Steel Plant (Integrated) Thermal Power Plant
Jute Processing Industry Thermal Power Plant (Gas/Naptha Based)
Leather Industry Thermal Power Plant : Temperature Limit for Discharge of Condenser Cooling Water
Man-made Fibre Industry Water Quality Standards for Coastal Waters Marine Outfalls
Natural Rubber Processing Industry