Action Plan for Rejuvenation of Polluted River Stretches


Action Plan for Rejuvenation of Polluted river stretches :

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River Stretch

Priority Action Plan as approved by RRC on 31.01.2019
1. Bhela Kashipur to Rajpura Tanda  I Bhela-Action-Plan-July-2019_CPCB approved (2.4 MB)
2. Dhela  Kashipur to Garhuwala, Thakurdwara  I Dhela River-Action-Plan-January-2019-CPCB approved (2.2 MB)
3. Suswa  Mothrawala to Raiwala  I  Suswa River-Action-Plan-January-2019- CPCB approved (2.7 MB)
4. Kichha  Along Kichha  II  Kichha River-Action-Plan-January-2019- CPCB approved (1.8 MB)
5. Kalyani  Downstream of Pantnagar  III  Kalyani-Action-Plan-June-2019 (303 MB)
6. Ganga  Haridwar to Sultanpur  IV  Ganga-Action-Plan-January-2019 (411 KB)
7. Kosi  Sultanpur to Pattikalan  IV  Kosi River-Action-Plan-June-2019 (3.3 MB)
8. Nandhor  Along Sitarganj  IV  Nandhor-Kailash River-Action-Plan-June-2019 (3.21 MB)
9. Pilakhar  Downstream of Bazpur  IV  Pilakhar-Action-Plan-January-2019 (883 KB)