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REGIONAL Office, Roorkee [ROR]

Sl.No. Name of Employee Designation Contact Number Pay Scale Grade Pay
1 Sh. Ankur Kansal
Regional Officer(I/c) 9412992375 15600-39100 5400
2 Sh. Rakesh Kandari (Contract) Assistant Environment Engineer
 37800 (Consolidated)
3 Sh. Anurag Negi
Junior Engineer 9897074903 9300-34800 4200
4 Sh. Umesh C. Grewal
Upper Divisional Clerk
9412953051 5200-20200 2800






5 Geeta Bhatt

14000 Consolidated
6 Sudhir Mohan Shreya
  8000 Consolidated
 7 Sudha Rawat
MA   8000 Consolidated  
 8 Mahender Singh Rana
MA   8000 Consolidated