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Aluminium Diesel Generator Sets
Approved Fuels in the National Capital Territory of Delhi Emission Standard for New Gen. Set (Up to 19 Kilowatt)
Asbestos Products Industries Foundries
Bagassee Fired Boilers Glass Industry
Battery Manufacturing Industry Hospital (Bio Medical) Wastes
Beehive Hard Coke Oven Iron & Steel Plant (Integrated)
Boiler (Small) Pulp & Paper Industry (Large)
Brick Kilns Lime Kilns
Briquette Industry (Coal) Motor Vehicles : Environmental Standards
Calcium Carbide Plant Nitric Acid Plant
Carbon Black Industry Pesticides Manufacturing and Formulation Industry
Cement Industry Rayon Industry : Emission Standards
Ceramic Industry Sulphuric Acid Plant
Chlor-Alkali (Caustic Soda) Soft Coke Industry
Copper, Lead & Zinc Smelting Units Stone Crushing Unit
Coal Washeries Thermal Power Plant (Gas/Naptha Based)
Cupola Furnace